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on: September 17, 2018, 04:22:10 AM
By closing this, you agree to that you have read the rules and agree to them


1.0 Disrespecting staff is not allowed

No racism. Racism will result in an immediate permanent ban of the offending user, no exceptions.

Any form of flaming is not tolerated

Abusing chat/voice by spamming is not allowed and wil result in a ban.

1.4 No advertising. Spreading links to other sites, groups, servers, outside of CardinalRP  is not allowed.

1.5 No innappropriate sprays. This includes furry, hentai, or porn sprays.

1.6 Exploitation of glitches in speedhacking, or flooding the server with requests in order to overwhelm the server will not be tolerated whatsoever. Permanent bans will result, no warnings.

1.7 Telling people or staff the wrong rules is not accepted

1.8 Changing names to avoid punishment or running away when you are brought to an admin sit is not allowed.

1.9 Use Common Sense.


2.0 Do not build inside other people's bases without permission from the owner.

2.1 At least 1 visible entrance is a must for your base.

2.2 You must be able to exit the same way you entered.

2.3 The keypad or button must be near the fading door and visible.

2.4 The keypad time is 5 seconds.

2.5 Max keypads each entrance (Where people must go if they want to raid) is 3.

2.6 The Max fadingdoors you can have to defend yourself when you are being raided, is 3

2.7 Do not make auto money gatherers (e.g. from printers)

2.8 When you are getting raided, you are not allowed To lock your doors or lock people inside your base.

2.9 If people raid you, the person which is raiding you, must be able too see you when you are firing back. (You may not shoot through props)

2.10 You may have a building sign to prevent rp at your base, but you are not allowed To have any rp items in your base (cars, printers, bitcoin or drugs) you may also not RP while the sign is up.

2.11 You may make a megabase, but you need minimum to be two or more members.

2.12 Only 1 base per player.

2.13 You may only open fadingdoors with buttons or keypads. If you open a fadingdoor,(use off a button) it must stay open for atleast 5 seconds.

2.14 You may use wire/numpad to get in/out off your base, but you may only use kepad to get in/out during a raid.

2.15 You may only have 2 kos reason (kos sign)
This is not valid reason:
- Lottering
- Annoying


3.0 Do not propclimb, propblock, propsurf or proppush (abuse props).

3.1 Do not spam props (spawning multiple props in for example 5 seconds).

3.2 Do not hide inside props.

3.3 Prop abuse is not allowed.

3.4 Spawning props that can crash the server is not allowed.


4.1 Only hobos are allowed to build on the street. However you are not allowed to block the street.

4.1.1 KOS signs must be CLEARLY VISIBLE on your base.

4.1.2 Roleplay is not allowed in spawn at all, unless it started from outside of spawn.

4.2 Do not break these rules:

NLR: (New Life Rule) You forget everything, and you don't remember how you died and why. The NLR lasts for 3 minutes, so you have to wait before you can return to your base after you have been killed. However if you got RDMed, you are allowed to return to your place of death.

RDM (Random Death Match) If player A kills player B for no reason.

Metagaming (Using knowledge out of OOC)

FailRP is counted as when a cop, helping thieves. killing/raiding a person. (Basically doing stuff that your job is not meant to do)

FearRP is counted as when a person has a gun pointed at your face you are not allowed to draw your weapon and do any harm back. You most likely would have died in real life if you did that.

4.3 You have to be the correct job to kill someone. Like if a cop gets killed you aren't allowed to help the cops unless you are one of the following jobs : Any SWAT unit, CIA agent or just a cop.

4.4 Door blocking or blocking a player to prevent a player to get out/in is not allowed.

4.5 You have to advert each time you mug, steal a car, raid, each time you get a hit, each time you are done with a hit and each time you kidnap someone.

4.6 Do not use a physgun to move your car, unless its stuck. If you are a co-owner of any car, you are not allowed to phsygun the car either.

4.7 No RP in the casino (No mugging, raping or kidnapping)

4.8 KOS signs need to be at last 45px

4.9E2 machine (casino etc) is not allowed on the server due to its easy to scam and ruin the RP/eco

4.10 Every raids needs to start Max 2 meters away from the base/building


5.0 Gangs must keep gang fights between gangs, don't get innocent citizens involved.

5.1 Killing someone purely for walking into your territory is not allowed, they must be actively capturing your pole.

5.2 Use common sense on what you think you can and can't do.

5.3 Gangs can ally with each other to fight other gangs.

5.4 Arguing in OOC about gang fights is not allowed as it causes too much hassle.


6.0 mugging:
Cooldown: Each person is 5 minutes, same victim is 10 minutes
Limitation: Maximum you can mug for is 5000

6.1 Raiding
Cooldown: Each base you raid is 10 minutes, same base, bank or PD is 20 minutes (this goes also for assist in raids).
Limitation: You may only raid for 10 minutes but if the base have rp items (printers/drugs etc) in it you may stay for 15 minutes.

6.2 Carjack
Cooldown: each carjack is 10 minutes and same car is 15 minutes.
Limitation: You may sell the car back to owner for maximum 75 000

6.3 Hostage
Cooldown: each person is 15 minutes and same person is 30 minutes.
Limitation: You can charge maximum 90 000 each hostage but each government, you can charge 130 000

6.4 Raping
Cooldown: Each person 15 minutes, and same person 20 minutes.
Limitation: You can charge Maximum 5000 if people want to be raped.

6.4 Casino
Limitation: You may charge 20 000 for each person to enter the VIP room.

6.5 Hotel
Limitation: You may charge 40 000 for each room.


7.0 Gun Dealers You may self-supply 1 weapon, if there is no other dealer on.
You may also not base by any other jobs than other dealer jobs.
As a Gundealer you MUST have a shop/store, you cannot base anywhere without having a shop.

7.1 Hitman/Assasin You may not accept hits from police, staff on duty, other hitmen/assasin's or hobo's.
If someone place a hit on staff on duty, you may not accept the hit as you could ruin a sit. (its up to the staff wich is on duty if he let you place hit on him)
You can raid, but only if you have a hit on that peron (you may not steal/destroy anything in that base)
You can make a small office in your house, but you may not use printers/bitcoins
Also people need to put in a reason before you can accept their hit.

7.2 Hobo/Hobo King As a hobo you live in the street and beg for money.
You can build a small shack to live in. You may not have any weaponds other than knife, crowbar etc (no firearm)
Printers/bitcoin is also forbidden for you as you don't have that much money (even if you do, your job isn't supposed to affort it)
You may not build on the road to block the road, but you may place some decorasion.

7.3 Cops/Swat/Mayor The roles goes by this: The mayor make the laws (he may not enforce the laws himself) make the laws and the cops/swat follow the laws no matter what. If you break a rule by follow the law, then the mayor get punished.
You always need a reason for warrant/wanted/lockdown, arrest, taze or weapon check someone.
You may not own any doors as your home is in the PD.
Mayor may not press the Lockdown button in PD without an legit reason.
Cops/Swat need to give at least two warnings (example /advert warn 1/2) before they can act.

7.4 Thief You may not pickpocket in spawn or the casino.
You may mug alone, but not other thieves, same goes with raiding.

7.5 Gangster/Mob boss/Godfather Gangster's needs to be a group of two people before you may mug someone, mob boss and godfather may mug alone.
If you want to raid someone as gangster, you may do it but you need either mob boss or godfather to join you, or a group of 3 gangster's.
You may mug any people you like except other gangster's, mob boss or godfather, same goes with raiding.

7.6 Terrorist Once you advert terror, you can either use c4 or your ak47 to kill people.
The terror is over once you die, or after 10 min without dying.
You may do terror every 15 minute.
You also may raid and mug any people you like, but you cannot kidnap people.

7.7 Pizza Cheif/Fruit Slicer
You cannot own printers as you earn it by seiling pizza and smoothie.
You can have a house but may not base with anyone, however: people can hire you in their club

7.8 Rapist Every time you want to rape someone, you have to do it inside a building or in dark places.
You may not rape in public.


8.0 Do not use any power when you are off duty, except !cleardecals

8.1 If you see someone have claimed a sit, do not teleport/bring the victim (unless the staff needs help)

8.2 Do not claim sits when you are off duty

8.3 You may not pick people for any reason at all (other than when its about a sit)

8.4 You may not warn any staff without permission from manager or founder.

8.5 Do not argue with each other in OOC, if you must then do it in admin chat.

8.6 Do not go afk while being on duty

8.7 You may not use hoverboard or cars on duty.

8.8 Do not claim/take your own sits.
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