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Author Topic: Slate's Staff Application.  (Read 211 times)


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on: October 24, 2018, 03:08:09 PM

In-game name:

Steam ID:




Playtime on the server:
1d 12h

How many warnings:
0, I have never been warned on CardinalRP.
Have you been kicked before:
No, I have never been kicked from CardinalRP.

 What can you do to improve the server population?:
I will try my best to help out as much as I can, and be as active as I can. I am normally very active when it comes to administrating/moderating servers, so activity shouldn't be a problem. I am also good at building, so I am able to build cool structures for the server. I believe these things are what entices people to DarkRP servers as they want to gain an experience that they won't want to leave and therefore will continue to play and support the server both physically and financially. I think my activity I will be able to accept claims as quickly as possible and try to keep all users ranging from the newest learning the rules to the most experienced players help which then gets them to tell their friends about the server as I did which gets more users online CardinalRP.

Previous experience:
I've had  minimal DarkRP staff experiences but I believe this is due to no one giving me a real chance,  I've spent minimal time helping another community and an IRL Friend (He's no longer a friend since I've seen how vile and power-hungry he is towards his team and community which he works for.) Personally, I believe my low past experiences should not affect my chances of becoming staff as I will still work so hard to prove to yourselves I am worthy of this role and if accepted will progress up.

Why should you be accepted as staff? :
This server has become very fun and exciting and without the moderator title, I already try as hard as I can to help where applicable. I want to be staff on Cardinal because I believe I could see the server and game from a whole new perspective of helping as many people as possible. I am also very friendly with the community and the staff team in general in my opinion and think I would be an asset to the staff team and would be able to help. As much as I am pretty new to Gary's Mod lots of people have helped me and now with my 500+ hours of knowledge on DarkRP and expanding daily on Cardinal where I now possess 21 hours playtime. I believe I am now in a position where I can help players ranging from the newest joining the server and also the most experienced meanwhile also learning more and expanding my own knowledge from users and staff.

What are your strengths and what is your weaknesses?:
 I believe one of my main strengths is my activity, devotion and love for CardinalRP, in such a short period of time I have already been so active and met so many users on the server and became the 3rd most active person on discord. I believe some of my weaknesses are i can be too critical and want thinks done amazingly and can take on too much responsibility for myself.

 How Active can you be on the server?:
 I can devote 10 hours daily to CardinalRP.

 Additional information:
I really appreciate anyone who has read my application and has left a comment either for or against me, I will continue to play and be motivated to help people on Cardinal as I believe it is an amazing thing to do and is fun. Thank you so much for reading.
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Monkey Boi

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Reply #1 on: October 25, 2018, 02:23:24 PM
Name: Monkey Boi

Rank: Admin

Vote: +1


Nice guy, very active on the server, doesn't get into trouble, looks like he put a lot of effort into the application.

Good Luck!


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Reply #2 on: October 26, 2018, 04:55:44 PM
Name: Ze shadow
Rank: Moderator
Vote -1
Not very friendly
Seems kinda bossy
I dont really see him much

Good luck!


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Reply #3 on: October 27, 2018, 01:31:32 AM
Accepted for trial (1 week)